The ending definitely leaves you wanting more. | Review: Heartbeat


morta-fox-heartbeat*Almost twenty years ago, earth shook from explosions that killed billions, and wiped away civilization. Only a small part of the city of Boston remained intact.*

When Morta Fox wakes up with a terrible craving for blood, she has no idea what to do. Having been all alone for two years, living in the streets outside Boston’s Wall of Protection, she has nobody to turn to.

 She hates the monster she has become, but she’s determined to end it before it begins in any way she can.

Hammer witnesses a girl jump off the tenth floor of a building, and though her bones break, she heals just as fast. When she stands up, she runs as fast as only vampires can. But she can’t possibly be one, because…she has a beating heart.

When Hammer saves Morta against her will, she’s terrified, until he offers her a deal.

Morta would help him find the vampire that turned her, and in return, Hammer would kill her. It’s a simple deal. They even make a promise, and in the vampire world, promises cannot be broken.

Nothing goes as planned. Morta soon discovers that her beating heart is not the only thing that makes her unusual, and Hammer is the only one who is willing to protect her.

When their feelings get the best of them, and Morta’s part of the deal is completed, Hammer only has seven days to complete his.

What happens to a vampire when he doesn’t keep his promise?*

Goodreads. Amazon.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange of a honest review*

4 estrellas

If you like the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost I think you will like this!

The Writing:
I really enjoyed the writing. This was a fast and easy read. We read all from Morta’s POV, that is the only thing I have to say: I’m dying to read Hammer’s POV.

The Story:
I’m obsessed with urban fantasy and this is one of those.
If you want, this is a ‘classical’ urban fantasy. Though I don’t feel this is the most original story I definitely enjoy it.
So, what do we have? Humans blew up the planet and that left just a few ‘groups’ of people that live inside walls. Our main character Morta lived there until all her family died and her house was burnt. Now, living outside the walls she takes care for herself. One night she sees a creature, definitely not human, killing someone. She runs into the walls to tell the authorities. She ends up in a clinic and when she hears some shouting, she goes there. Long story (not really) short, she sees this beautiful terryfing man that turns her into a vampire. She tries to kill herself, but she can’t. Here we meet Hammer, an incredibly good looking (sexy) vampire that promises to kill her if she helps him finding her Lord (the vampire that turned her). And, lets not forget that Morta isn’t a normal vampire.
You have action, romance and a lot of fight. It’s not the sweet romance that flows like water, is more like a baby with first steps not trying to fall: hits everything. It was so much fun to read the relationship between Hammer and Morta, I loved how they fought but trusted each other, how they flirted.
The story had some interesting twists, and the ending definitely leaves you wanting more.

The Characters:
Morta: She goes through a major character development, however she still needs more and I think next books will give that. I changed my mind about her many times. At the beginning she was great, she took care for herself, didn’t believe everything, I liked her. Then she turned out to be so stubborn, she didn’t accept help (though this is because no one before had offered it), she frustrated me. She fought for no reason and didn’t hear anything others said. HOWEVER, this is when the character development appears. Beause she changes, more towards the end of the book. She listens to what others say, she accepts help and yes, she still fights but with better reasons. She is still stubborn, but that’s part of her and at least now it’s a disadvantage.
Hammer: I liked this character that I think is more complex than what we see, he has more past than we know. I liked how he could be this cold scary person but with Morta he was so good and PATIENT because let me tell you that if I was him, I would have told Morta a few things (and they are not good or pretty). I want to know more about him, about his past.
Bugz: I find her funny and very protective with her friends in some situations, she disappointed me a bit but at the same time I can understand her. We didn’t see a lot of her but I’m excited for that.
Dublin: I think he has such an interesting friendship with Hammer, I really want to know more about him and I hope that happens in next books.

Overall, this was a good urban fantasy read. Maybe not the most original but it was an enjoyable fun read. The characters can give a lot and I can’t wait for that to happen. I’m excited to continue this story!




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