In love with the author, not so much with this book: Persuasion (Part 2)


Hello everyone!

September’s Austentatious book was Persuasion, you can read my full review here but basically I didn’t enjoy it as much as Pride and Prejudice. However I’m in love with Jane Austen. One of the movie nights of the book club was watching the movie Persuasion in 2007. Since this is about sharing my thoughts I’m going to be honest…

It was an okey movie for me. It’s something good to see the book turning real, because that’s great but…I didn’t like this adaptation that much.

I thought that they changed many things, and I didn’t enjoy the characters. At the beginning I didn’t like Anna’s father but then I changed my mind. Elizabeth and Mrs Clay were good. I liked that we could see how they didn’t have any interest and didn’t care for her. However, the Musgroves were so caring with her. That was clearly representated.

I didn’t like the Crofts, I saw them too old. Lady Russell wasn’t represented as restrictive as I would have liked. Mary was such a weird character, her illness and recoveries were good but when she was just being her, she looked…weird. Mr Elliot wasn’t the big evil. They didn’t develop a lot into his relationship with Anna.

Something I liked was seeing Anna and her reactions to everything, how it hurt her and she was quite moved with all the situation. And something funny for me was seeing how she had to run at the end. They made her run so much and she didn’t find him. It was fun but I know it shouldn’t be because she was quite anxious.

As I said, for me was an okay adaptation being the main problem for me how they changed things. I know they can’t get the whole book into the movie but still…


Have you seen this adaptation? Do you agree or disagree?


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