Late,late…late October Wrap Up + November Wrap Up!


Hello everyone!

I’m happy to finally write this post as I think it will be again a first of many (at least lets hope so) I couldn’t do an October Wrap Up so I thought mentioning briefly how October was and then a full November wrap up. I hope you stick with me ‘til the end!

October Wrap Up

November Wrap Up


I kind of binge read this series… but NOT MY FAULT! They are addictive (at least for me)… Funny story with this series, I’m not sure how or why I read the second book before the first one and back in March 2015 but not until now did I read the others. I just have one book left that I hope to read before the end of the year.

Reaper’s Property – 4/5 stars; Devil’s Game – 4.5/5 stars; Reaper’s Stand – 4.2/5 stars; Reapers and Bastards 4/5 stars; Reaper’s Fall 4/5 stars


Maybe you have read or heard me saying that Simon wasn’t one of my favourite characters in the TMI series. That made me hesitant to read 10 stories where the main character is Simon but I’m happy to say that I was mistaken. So far I have read 6 of the stories and I’m loving this. I love reading again characters from TMI and TID and finding new ones too. I really can’t wait to read the other four. I’m planning to post reviews for these, haven’t decided if in two posts or how but I would like to share my thoughts.

Welcome To Shadowhunter Academy – 4/5 stars; The Lost Herondale – 3.8/5 stars; The Whitechapel Fiend – 4.3 stars; Nothing But Shadows – 5/5 stars; The Evil We Love – 3.5/5 stars; Pale Kings and Princes – 5/5 stars


These are other books I read:

Mated to the Dragon of Manhattan: Though I didn’t like the romance it had some good ideas. 2/5 stars

Abigail and Henry: Nothing I had never seen but the romance was really good. Review coming soon. 3/5 stars

Fire Touched: Following this series, it was really good to be back in the world, though this wasn’t my favourite it was great. Next book sounds amazing. 4/5 stars

Web of Lies: So far this series has been great, this is the second book and I definitely enjoyed it. Romance, action plus elemental powers, I’m in. 4/5 stars

Emma: Still with the Austentatious book club and loving my experience so far. Though at the beginning this wasn’t my favourite I ended up liking it very much, the characters had some pretty good qualities. And… I think (from the books I have read) I have found my favourite Austen’s man main character…George Knightley 3.9/5 stars

Other News…

One other news, on December 3rd this happened…I’m happy!



That is all! I hope we can chat about your months!

Let me know if you have read any of these!




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