What happens when life changes? I have no idea.


Hello everyone!

Maybe you noticed that I haven’t been posting anything for almost two months and I wrote a few words saying that I missed blogging and I would be back. I feel like now is time to explain a bit my life and maybe it’s something that helps me too.

This year, I finally finished high school. 6 years of my life with the same people, in the same place, same teachers and workers, are now over. I have to face adult life. This supposed a big change for me and I needed a few days to get used to that idea. Plus I had a few parties because of this event (one my school organized and one we organized).

Then, I did my FCE exam, which is an international English exam. I studied and worked a lot through the year for that exam, I will know the results on January but I was and I am quite nervous about it.

Also, this is the first time I will be dancing alone. As you may know I dance Flamenco but not until you are learning to teach you are allowed to dance alone. You have your own dance and it’s exhaustive. I not only have my own classes but the ones I teach and it can be very tiring.

Lastly but maybe most important, I had to decide which career I wanted to follow. This was not easy for me. Since I was five and until last year I knew I wanted to be a teacher but then I suddenly didn’t know what I wanted for the future. This year I learnt that I like teaching but I’m not sure I would like to study that and do that. So, high school ended and I needed to decide what to do. Was it easy? Definitely no, but I’m human and I choose, maybe right maybe wrong but it’s part of life (that’s what I’m telling myself, if that is meant for me amazing and if not, well, I can make mistakes too)

Through all these things, very emotional and conflictive sometimes I found I couldn’t keep up with my blog. As it is also part of life and many bloggers do, I took a break and now I’m back. This break didn’t mean I stopped thinking about my blog. That time made me realize I should be more organized (suggestions are welcome) but not only that, I want to make changes. I need to sit one day and think about this but I want a few things to change. Not sure if the difference will be big or small but once I think about them I’ll try to let you know in a post too.

That is all for this post, that is what has been happening. A small explanation of what has been going on in my head and life. Life is changing for sure but I’ll have to learn and live with those things, ‘part of life’ that’s what people say.

I really need to catch up with tags and reviews but that will come with time because it can be overwhelming.

If you read to this point, well thank you so much, you deserve a cookie or something because this wasn’t the funniest or most entertaining post I have ever written.



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