My Bookish Spreads | Bullet Journaling #1


Hello everyone!

At the beginning of the year I decided to try Bullet Journal. I slowly started loving orgnization so much, I still do and I love to see how creative people can be while organizing.

Truth is, I tried this system for a month and it wasn’t for me. Or at least that’s what I thought. 7 months later I decided to give it a try, again. I have to say that I’m quite happy and that I have been using this system for a month and a half (👏👏👏thank you, thank you 👏👏👏)

So, since I’m happy and it’s working so far I decided to show you some of my spreads and i hope you like them!

Pride and Prejudice spread:


This was my first week trying this system. I did some rectangles for each day and some lettering. Then I have three trackers: my actual tracker where I mark when I do things. This is totally personal and by this I mean that each person can have a different one; my other two trackers are in graphics and one is for water and one for sleep. Then I also added a box for notes, things I wanted to write for the week.

The previous week I had finished Pride and Prejudice and I decided I wanted to do my spread themed. I just searched pics on internet and printed them. After that Goodreads provided me with the quotes. Then is just playing with how I wanted things.

Poldark spread:


I know this is not bookish but I just had to add it (actually it’s bookish because it has books but I watch the tv show) The next week when I was doing this Poldark was starting its new season and I was so excited. I decided to do my spread about the beautiful couple of Ross and Demelza.

I kept the same system but playing a bit with the squares. I usually need more space on weekends so I needed those squares to be more big. It was a week I didn’t have many things to do. I kept the tracker but just one graphic, the sleep one. Two things you can see that are ‘new’: 1) By accident I placed an order of stickers (I’M SO HAPPY WITH THEM ANYWAY) so I started to use them; 2) I used a highliting code, which is great for quick visual information.

Sea-chaos spread:


This spread was inspired by the picture you see in the middle. Then I chose the other pictures in a theme with it. They all came from Pinterest. I searched the quotes from what I felt and the pictures in google.

Different things: there aren’t rectangles, I just tried to divide the lines equally; no more graphics, just the tracker, I didn’t see anything different with the graphics so I decided to quit them.

Spring spread:


Spring started this last week and I needed to mark that. I don’t remember how I ended up having those vintage flowers I really liked and I searched for other vintage/spring spread. The tapes are ones I had and bought some time ago.

This was my holiday week, I didn’t do a lot but at the same time I did. Being honest, as my goals say I just wanted to relax.


That is all for this post. I’m just beginning and experimenting. I might try new things and quit others, this is something about learning and changing all time, just as life, you have to adapt your system to your needs.

I’m excited to see what else I can try!

What do you think? Suggestions? Do you use any kind of organization?



13 respuestas a “My Bookish Spreads | Bullet Journaling #1

    1. Thank you so much! My P&P spread was the first one I did and I was so happy with it, I’m really happy you like it too! Oh, here in my country is not something usual, I only knew about it for tumblr I think. I have to say that the funiest part of bullet journaling for me is doing and thinking the spreads. I plan to do a second and third part of this post soon, one with spreads and other quick with some month details. I really hope you read those and like them, I would love to know what you think!

      Me gusta

      1. It definitely seems so, and more when you see all those pretty spreads because there are some people that can do amazing art (being Pinterest a source to loose yourself in BuJos) But I think the most difficult thing is to learn what works for you, some people get it from the beginning and others (myslef included) have to try many things (though I love trying new layouts!) 😀
        Thanks ♥

        Me gusta

    1. Thank you! I love making them after I finish something I love! I have a few for the next post. I make others non-bookish related but my faves are my bookish ones! I still need to work a lot of things but that’s just fine!

      Me gusta


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