Definitely looking forward to book 3! | Review: Reclaimed


First Book’s Review

33002755Being a vampire for hundreds of years, Hammer knew all about promises when he made one to Morta Fox. The problem was, he never counted on her being the most stubborn, big-mouthed, unbelievably amazing vampire he’d ever met. He wasn’t supposed to fall in love with her, but he did.

Stuck in the Red Dimension for seven years, it’s hard to hold onto hope, until Hammer runs into his Doyen. Ray Bardos has been trapped in there for more than a century, and now he claims to know a way out.

Hammer would do anything at all if it means seeing Morta again, so he doesn’t ask questions. To get out, he must give away a part of himself. He’s willing and ready, but he has no idea what exactly this means until it’s too late.

And when Hammer finally makes it out of the Red Dimension, Morta Fox isn’t the only vampire he needs to find.

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*I received a copy of this book in exchange of a honest review*

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Continuing this story with a sequel that leaves you wanting more…

The Writing:
At the beginning this was slow but then it was as easy and fast to read as the first one. I really liked that the POV changed from the first book. I enjoy the writing.

The Story:
I think in my review of the first book I said I wanted more of Hammer, and this is a ‘you ask for it, you get it’. This whole book is from Hammer’s POV *fangirls* Actually, Morta barely appears though she is on his mind all times.
The beginning of the book was a bit slow for me but quite interesting. The Red Dimension was an awful place for sure but it was interesting to read not only about it but the way to get out of there too. Then the story was great. I really liked it. This was really about getting to know yourself, going back to the ones you love and fighting for what you believe.
For me this book had many surprises that I don’t think I would have ever guessed.
I liked that we learnt a lot more of Hammer’s past and gave just a glimpse of why he is what he is now.
The story over all had action, fights not only physicals but of personalities and minds; vampires, like a lot (yep, it’s a vampire book but I’m saying it anyway); the romance was there but not as strong as in the first one, I think in the next one I’ll get all the romance I need from this couple.

The Characters:
I already talked about Hammer, he re-discovered himself and that was great to read. I was disappointed of Bugz and her actions. Morta wasn’t enough for me to say anything other that Hammer’s disappearance really hurt her.

Overall, this was a good sequel, interesting and enjoyable that leaves you really wanting to know more. Definitely looking forward to book 3!

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