Favourite things discovered in 2016!


Hello everyone!

To start this recap of the year I wanted to mention some of my favourite things I discovered this year, I hope you find some of them interesting!


I might not be the biggest fan or all time listener (is that even a thing?) of music but I really like it. When I go to school or just do different chores is great for me to hear music so, I’m just leaving some of the songs I obsessed about through the year.


3Something entirely different, organization. I became obsessed with organization at the beginning of the year and just in August I decided to start a Bullet Journal. I have to say that it is a lot of fun though it can be tiring sometimes to do at the beginning/end of the week the spreads and the pressure for it to look nice can be tiring too. Apart from that it can be a great way to organize yourself as you want which is always important. I did a post about some spreads (which you can check here) and I’m already planning to do other. Organization for me is very important though I think I’m still trying to find something that really works for me (I still have to work and improve my BuJo a lot).

I also want to recommend this tumblr acc, for me is a great way to find ideas and inspiration and I really love her acc!


I plan to do a whole post about tv show recommendations but I have to say that this year I watched some good tv shows. Some of them were Timeless, The Librarians, Sherlock (though I’ve only watched the first season), Victoria, The Shannara Chronicles, DC Legend’s of Tomorrow and continued watching Blindspot, Quantico, Teen Wolf, Poldark, Stitchers and Outlander. I finished some tv shows like Beauty and the Beast, Downton Abbey (which was amazing!) and mini tv shows based on classics like Emma and Pride and Prejudice.


pinterestBeing honest, it’s not that I discovered it this year but I really used it this year, more than any other. I really used it for Bullet Journal, it’s a great source of inspiration. I also needed to create a dress and I took all the ideas from different pins. Pinterest has endless pins and inspiration for everything, literally. I leave my profile here because I know you are curious to see what I have there…


senhor-castanha-headTvshowtime is a web page (or you can use it as an app I can’t because I have a windows phone) where you can track all your tv shows. Maybe you watch more than one at the same time, this page is perfect because you can mark as you watch. Next time when you are going to watch an episode, you go to this app and just find where you left. It’s perfect for me because I usually watch 5 or more tv shows at the same time and if I didn’t keep track I would be a complete chaos. You can also find new tv shows and see when are the episodes coming out. Here is my profile, maybe you can check it out (and maybe we can be friends too?😉)


This is something I discovered this year, I don’t know if it useful or anything but I like the idea and I really hope you check it out.


I definitely didn’t discover this in 2016 but it happened in 2016 so I’m mentioning here…The Olympic Games! I really love this event and I watched a lot of it. I had to mention it somewhere 😀


If you made this far, thank you so much and I’ll give you a cookie (or anthing you want because I’m a genie, not really but lets dream)

I would love to know one song, tv show or anything that would make part of your list of ‘Favourites from 2016’


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