2016 Recap! + My birthday cake!


Well, all week I have been posting about favourites through the year but now it’s time to write the last post of 2016, and because of that I want it to be a recap, how everything went and we will see if I accomplished my goals!



I have to say here that I finished 114 books because the last one, Alpha by Rachel Vincent I’ll finish it after I post this. It’s quite a difference between 2015, when I read 178 books but anyway I completed my goal of 100 books. My average rating is okay, almost 4 stars so I’m happy with that. If you want to see my favourite books of the year here they are. AND I also have this spreadsheet where you can take a look of all the books I read, ratings, when, genres and all that stuff but to kind of sum up I made this graphics.


More and more I find myself reading Adult books. As you can see I still read a lot of YA but now Adult is taking a new place. Many of my fav series are Adult so that can be an example. New Adult is getting a higher percent too which I’m happy about. I’m surprised I read that many Middle Grade books.




Talking about authors, the big majority is from the USA, by far, then followed by UK and Canada ni way smaller numbers. Though there are different countries I hope I had more and different numbers. There are some authors I couldn’t find their nationality.


I think is obvious to say that I read more books from female authors than male authors, which is great but I would also like to read a bit more from male authors and couples.






I’m sorry they don’t are in right order but I didn’t know how to do that.

I’m surprised by the many 2016 books I read, most of them were for review, but is still surprsing. My older books were those form Jane Austen.




As we saw previously I read more books between 300 and 375 pages than any others. Longer books were really few but I hope I can change that for next year.




That is all for graphics, I hope they didn’t make you bored. For genres and ratings more detailed I really hope you check the spreadsheet.


Goodreads Challenge

Status: COMPLETED. My goal was of 100 books and I read 114 so cookie for me!!

Dystopia Challenge

Status: FAILED. My goal was of 16 books or more, I don’t think I even got to 10. This wasn’t a big dystopic year as others. I think I like them but I didn’t want to read them all time.

Horror Challenge

Status: FAILED. My goals was to read between 6 and 8 books, I read 3 or 4. This was supposed to be a way to try a new genre, yeah well, didn’t go well.

Read-a-thons Challenge

Status: FAILED. My goal was at least 6 and the ideal was 12. I got to 4. I really like to take my time with Read-a-thons and through the year that was not possible.

Classics Challenge

Status: COMPLETED. My goal was 6 books, though I have read 5 so far I know I will read the six one in January so I’m thinking of this one as completed. This was supposed to be a way for me to start reading classics and it worked. Though I have to thanks the Austentatious book club that gave me the inspiration and impulse I needed. So far my experience has been amazing and I’ll continue in the book club reading the books of the months but once I really hope to read next year are the Brontë sisters books.

Potter Challenge

Status: COMPLETED. I joined Sara from Freadom Library in her challenge to read  the whole HP series and we did it! I finally read the series this yer and I’m happy I did!


I completed 50% of the challenges and failed on the other 50%, well, not that bad.


  • Be more organized with my posts I kind of did for the first part of the year before life got hectic
  • Be more organized with my books for review Yeah, well same as the one before.
  • Diversity: I want to do collab-posts,interviews,posts with authors,discussions, and anything that comes to my mind! Collab-posts: sadly I didn’t, maybe a goal for 2017; interviews: checked; posts with authors: checked; discussions: I just did one so maybe I shoulld give it an opportunity, they are kind of scary though.
  • I’ve talked with some amazing people here that I hope we can be friends! Did this and I hope we continue being friends but I would also like to meet others!
  • Be better with my photography Didn’t happen sadly. I left bookstagram because of lack of time and inspiration but I have a project for next year and that might give me the opportunity to complete this.
  • Improve my graphic design I don’t think I achieved this, but I hope 2017 is the year?
  • Join more read-a-thons. Well, I failed my challenge and this one too.
  • Be more active in social medias and ‘expose’ a little bit more my blog. Failed this one, definitely. I’m not active on twitter, I want to change that but I just…can’t? I left bookstagram, booktube. I’m still really active on Goodreads tho. I hope this changes!

I don’t think I was very successful, but well, we all learn from these things.


Well, to this day I have 328 posts and 295 followers. For me this was a good year, not the best one because at some point I had to stop blogging but that was for a month or two before I was back yes, you’re not getting rid of me so easy . I plan a few changes (that will be in the 2017 post tomorrow) but nothing really big but I want to continue and being here for more time!


I have to say that for me, in my personal life 2016 was a good year. I did many new things and I think I was successful, I started being a teacher and really liked it; I finally did the FCE English exam (still waiting for results and I’m SO nervous); and I finished a big part of my life, high school, and next year I’ll go into university and yes, I’m scared and excited at the same time. Thankfully I have my family, my parents and friends by my said and I’m so grateful for that. Seriously.



My birthday cake! As I hope you see it has the shape of the book and it says ‘Una vez que aprendas a leer serás libre por siempre’ or in English ‘Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.’ by Frederick Douglass. My Mother made this for me and I loved it!


bookshelfSomething I didn’t plan but I did anyway is owning all Jane Austen novels!! I’m so happy about this and I love them!


Lastly I want to share a picture of my bookshelf so next year we can see how it has changed *hoepfully*


If you read all that, thank you and I’m sorry I didn’t think this post would end up being so long.

If you want let me know how was your 2016 but most of all…

Happy 2017 everyone! I wish you an amazing year full of everything you want and wish!



4 respuestas a “2016 Recap! + My birthday cake!

  1. Wow! Reading those statistics and graphs was really interesting and put the whole year into perspective, that must have taken ages! I admire your computer skills 🙂
    As a male, I’d say that I read from female authors 95% of the time, which isn’t a bad thing but it’d be nice to read from male authors more often. Maybe I’ll make that a goal for next year…something easy because we know how badly I failed last year. But it seems like you had an awesome reading year and completed a lot of your goals, congratulations! I wish I could read 114 books in one year-teach me your ways! Oh and that cake is amazing, your mum is so talented!

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