Great romance | Review: Abigail and Henry


25171470Abigail and Henry is a tale of how a friendship can be created from horrific circumstances.

Genre: Paranormal


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*I was provided a copy of this book in exchange of a honest review*

3 estrellas

I’m not sure how I feel…

The Writing:
The writing was okay, I didn’t love it though. I had a few problems: many POVs that changed without notice; at the beginning characters I wasn’t sure why were there (but then you understand); there are no chapters and this is good because it’s not usual but at the same time it felt weird.

The Story:
The story follows some supernatural creatures and a psycho character that after the death of his wife goes mad.
I felt the story overall was really well developed, it isn’t a long book but nothing was rushed or felt wrong. I was quite surprised by that. At the same time I felt the supernatural wasn’t very important to the story and maybe wasn’t used at 100%.
One of my favourite things of this story was the romance. As I said before, this is a short book but the romance was quite slow, sweet and well developed. The characters get to know each other before anything.
The ending was unexpected and surprising, different from what we are used.

The Characters:
Henry: Tough he might not be the most social, he tried to get close to Abigail, he tried and that’s what matters. I liked him.
Abigail: Sometimes she was too closed, didn’t talk or answer. I understand why, after reading the book, but still, it wasn’t the best sometimes.
John: You need to be kept somewhere else, if it’s a hospital, better.
Charles: I really liked him. He was very loyal to his friend, he tried to fight for him and help in any way he could.

Overall, this was an okay supernatural story. I liked it, didn’t get obsessed or loved it though. The best thing for me is the story,romance and its development.



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