Would you want to live in the shadows? | Review: Into the Shadows


31427805Imagine living in a world where there are more than humans – a society where Paranormals co-exist with us, and a corrupt government kidnaps them so they can study their immortality and powers.

Where would you go?

Imagine thinking you were human all your life, then find out you’re not, and if the government discovers you, you’ll become the most desired paranormal test subject to ever live.

Where would you hide?

In 2050, our world was divided into four species – Humans, Paranormals, Descendants, and Mutated Humans. Ava James thinks she’s human, but finds out she’s not… and in more danger than she ever could have realized.

Her days just got a whole lot busier.

«You need to learn to protect yourself. You need to know the dangers of what you are, but also the strength of who you are.»
All set in year 3000


*I was provided a copy of this book in exchange of a honest review*

4 estrellas

*3.8/5 stars*

I had a small problem with the writing…

The Writing:
I think this for me was one of the main issues if not the issue. The first thing I noticed was the introductions, the author told the name ; and the age, it felt weird because that’s not how I suppose a character describes a person, it felt like the author was in her mind not in the character. Other time I noticed this was when Ava was talking and it said something like ‘Well, I’m going to describe the family now.’ Again, that felt like the author was talking but that disrupted the story for me.
Something I noticed later and felt strange to me too was when Ava described her house, yes when she entered she described the room she was in but the author kept describing the house. Instead of as Ava went through the house and entering each room describing them the author chose to told us all at once which can be overwhelming.
Those are some of the main things I noticed of the writing through the book.

The Story:
I have to say that I felt there were some cliches in the story so I don’t think this might be the most original story but I actually don’t mind those cliches so for me it wasn’t that bad.
The story is set in the future, year 3000, and tell us about a country that is divided in four species: humans, paranormals, MH and descendants. In paranormals we find all those you can imagine, shapeshifters (werewolves,werecats), vampires, witches, warlock, elementals; MH are humans that changed their DNA so now they are immortal and have powers; descendants are those who have one paranormal parent and they have immortality and powers, the other parent is human or MH.
Immortality is very common in this society. I liked the world and the idea of it. I think in next books it will be more developed.
I liked the love story and how it began. It was sweet and had many ‘hot’ scenes. I should say this is more NA book.
The ending was interesting and connects with the next book. I would like to see where this story goes.

The Characters:
•Ava: I quite liked her. She was very mature (and that is something important because a childish MC might ruin a story) and sensitive. She cared a lot about family and thought of others not to the extreme of forgeting about herself.
•Kyran: I liked him. He was fun very sweet and cute. Protective but not extreme so I liked his charcter.
I liked their couple, won’t be an OTP soon but I liked them together though I would like to see them as a team fighting against all evils (being dramatic here)
There are other characters, I liked them more or less and there are many couples coming together towards the end of the book that I hope we get to see a bit of their development too.

Overall my main problem with this book was the writing, the story had some cliches but I liked it and I liked the world. The love story was sweet but hot and I enjoyed reading it.

About the author:

ClareMarie has expressed a very strong interest in writing over the years and that interest clearly shows in her work on this book. She is a native of England who currently resides in Galway, Ireland and has been writing since she was around fourteen years of age. She started out as a songwriter and eventually built more of a passion for writing.

The Shadows Trilogy is her first endeavor into the world of literature. She is excited to share her amazing voice with the world.

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