I believe this had potential… |Review: Blue Orca


32571358AN UNFORGIVABLE BETRAYAL sets Mimi on a quest for vengeance. Janet killed Liza. Now Mimi has to kill Conan Casey, Janet’s lover.

Mimi follows them to Shanghai. She’s given a new identity and perfects her powers of seduction until she can manipulate men at will. Mimi is installed as a hostess at the elite Sky Club, keeping company with Shanghai’s most privileged men as she awaits the arrival of her prey.

She catches the attention of a patron before her mission is complete. Thomas falls under Mimi’s spell and proposes exclusivity. Will she take his offer? Or will she seek vengeance in a foreign land despite all the odds?

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*I was given a copy of this book in for a honest review*

dos estrellas

I really thought I would like it but, I’m sad to say, that this was not for me.

The Writing:
We read all time from Mimi’s POV, maybe reading from another POV would have been good.
The book dragged out, I read the pages very slowly and wasn’t into the story very much.

The Story:
When I read the synopsis I thought ‘This sounds amazing’ and though I think this story has some amazing ideas, concepts and critical ideas/perspectives they were not well developed.
First of all, one of the feelings I had throughout the story was that something was missing. I think the ‘missing’ thing was more depth into the story. Many things happened between few chapters and I didn’t feel there was enough description sometimes not only physical but emotional too. Too many things were described and I would have liked to stay a bit more on each thing, more when they are that important.
I really liked the idea of the assasins and even though it wasn’t as I expected, I would have liked to see more of their ‘missions’, of their training, how the academy worked.
One thing that was great was the criticism to big companies, how they destroy the lives of many people. How the are hypocritical, selfish and just want to earn money. I would like to believe they aren’t all like that, but it’s known that some of them are.
Other thing I liked was the setting, I’m not used to read books set in Chinese countries but I would have liked to see a bit more of world building. The culture was used well through the book but I think Chinese culture has some good things too.
One topic that I feel was all time in this book was prostitution and if not that the way woman are forced/choose to sell their bodies (or company). Though I think the topic was good, all times the author used it, using it three times for different phases through the book was a bit too much. I would have liked to see it just one time and worked out really well.
The romance here started as insta-love, and I hate that. I believe in insta-lust, but Thomas the day after he met her telling her ‘I love you’ and that was not real at all. He trusted her with very important information a week after they met, I know she didn’t give him any suspicion or that it might be me that I believe that you have to work and build trust, but the relationship didn’t feel real. I liked them together anyway, but those are two things I didn’t like about the romance.
Last thing I want to say is that I hate sexism, I believe in equiality though I’m well aware that doesn’t happen I believe in that. This book didn’t have that until the end and not so much. Or the men were the ones who controled woman, had all the rights and all that stuff or the women had to be always right, men were always wrong,useless and weren’t intelligent. Towards the end there is some equality, when a couple appears and they respect each other,share things just being with each other as equals. It was tiring to read that one had to be right all times and the other wrong. I get that it was part of the story but still, that’s how I felt.

The Characters:
White Queen: She was a character that didn’t appear that often but at the same time was always there, which is great.
Mimi: I believe she is what the things that happened in her life made her, I’m not sure she likes things, has dreams, anything.
Jessica: She frustrated me so much. She was so superficial and didn’t care about anything more than sex.
Thomas: I liked him but we don’t really know him that much.

I think this had a great potential but it didn’t work for me.

About the author:

Scarlet Risqué stars in Scarlet Queen YouTube with over a million views. She is the author of the Hourglass (Romance/Thriller) Series. She holds a degree in business. She uses writing, dance, and theater to explore her dark and light desires. She’s a poetic soul where pain and pleasure meet and East collides with West.

Each book in the Series has a female lead searching for her identity and truth in today’s world. Set against a backdrop of globalization, these stories of intrigue and espionage are full of undercover agents, hints of BDSM erotica, and themes of dominance and submission.

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