I needed more | Review: Heart of Power


32938863No matter whether you are human girl or a Siren, there always is this one guy who manages to completely get under your skin.

17-year-old Serena can’t escape her true destiny any longer. She is transformed into a Siren and has to get used to a different name, unusual abilities and constantly attracting every man’s glance. Guided by her new family members, she faces the challenge of leading a life among humans without appearing divergent. When Alex reciprocates her love, she seems to fully have settled into her new life.
However, two secrets have yet to be revealed and Serena hast to make a tough choice.

This is the compelling first novel in the Heart of Power trilogy. S. L. Giger manages to add a refreshing breeze to fantasy by successfully introducing us to the world of Sirens in our modern age.

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*I was given a copy of this book in exchange of a honest review*

3 estrellas

The Writing:
I don’t think I had any problem with the writing in this book. I found it very easy to read, and I was into the story from the beginning. There is just one POV, Nathalie’s and I feel that was okay because the other POV would have made the final less surprising.

The Story:
Here is where my main problem was.
So I read the book and it was easy to read and even entertaining but I feel there was a lack of plot. By this I mean, the book stars and Serena becomes a siren, so she starts learning about her new existence, and once they think she can go back into society she starts school again and then the book continues. She finds friends and there is this very interesting guy. But nothing happens other than that. I feel there was no big problem, we just read her way back into society (which was not difficult) and though I enjoyed reading it it felt like a normal life. Nothing extra particular other than she being a siren which leads me to the next point…
The was sirens were pictured. I liked the explanation the author made of the myth leading to how she pictured sirens. But I feel like being a siren though it was a big part it wasn’t a main thing. Yes, she was a siren but did that affect her relationship with her friends? Nope. Family? Well yes because they thought she was dead but she found other family. School? Nope. Work? Nope. She had a very human life in spite of being a siren.
So, to sum up a bit: my main problem with this was that there was not a big problem. We only read Nathalie’s life which is very normal. And though it was entertaining I didn’t find the point of the story.
Something I really liked was the setting where the story starts and maybe I would have liked it to continue there instead of changing.
Again, I found the story okay and entertaining, I liked reading about the development of her relationships but nothing more happened.
The ending surprised me but at the same time I had thought about it just for a brief moment before. I liked it and it was a bit emotional.

The Characters:
Nathalie: I liked her. I think she had a great development through the book and it was important for the ending. She became older, wiser but she is still very young.
I liked all the other characters, they were very friendly and nice.

Overall I give this book a three stars because that’s how it feels, okay, entertaining but I needed more things to happen, maybe more feelings involved, I needed more.


Who would have thought that being one of the most beautiful mythical creatures would be such hard work?

About the author:

Seraina Linda Giger grew up in Gossau, SG in Switzerland and attended school there all the way through her master’s degree in becoming a high school teacher. With 16, she was able to spend an awesome exchange year in Rhinebeck, New York, where her love for the English language fully broke out. Since then, she always writes in English and later translates her books into German.
S. L. Giger loves travelling, salsa dancing, surfing, scuba diving and chocolate. At the moment, she really enjoys living in Zurich, since she has nice students, it’s beautiful in the summertime, there is a lot of chocolate and it’s only a 7min train ride from the airport 😉

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