Colourful Monthly Covers | Bullet Journaling #2


Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to share with you my my colourful monthly covers I use in my BuJo. In the last post I shared some bookish related and non-bookish related spreads, I wanted to change things a bit. However my next posts will be more bookish spreads!! I’ll go chronologically.




This was my very first one, it’s the first page on my BuJo. As you can see I didn’t do anything woow, it’s not pretty but it was practical. And then I changed.


As you can see these are very different from the first one. I choose a colour per month. Then I go into pinterest and search something like (for example) ‘pink aestethic’ or ‘pink photography’ or just ‘pink’ I search the ones I like and I create a secret board (this works with downoalding them to your computer too) and see if together they ‘fit’ (for me) Sometimes I think that some photos fit and they don’t. Once I have them I print them and well, cut them out and paste them. The only one ‘themed’ is October that I chose Halloween-ish pics. The others are just based off the colour I chose.


Then 2017 started and this time I did a cover for it! I really liked how it turned out.


And the last one I’m sharing is one of the most recent ones. As I’m in summer I wanted fruit and summer in the cover. I chose red because I don’t know? I hadn’t picked it before?

Other thing! Sometimes I don’t know which colour I want that month so just scrolling through pinterest I find a pic I like. Then I choose the others to match the one I liked.


So! I’m not sure if you liked this, it’s not bookish but I wanted to share them. BUT! Next BuJo post will be of Bookish Spreads that I really hope you like!

Let me know what you thought of this post! Do you have a BuJo? How do you make your monthly ‘covers’?




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