Sadly I think this is my least favourite book by Jane Austen. | Review: Mansfield Park


18300262Fanny Price’s rich relatives offer her a place in their home so that she can be properly brought up. However, Fanny’s childhood is a lonely one as she is never allowed to forget her position. Her only ally is her cousin Edmund. When her cousins befriend two glamorous new young people who have arrived in the area, Henry and Mary Crawford, Edmund starts to grow close to Mary and Fanny finds herself dealing with feelings she has never experienced before.



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Sadly I think this is my least favourite book by Jane Austen.

The Writing:
The writing was excellent as always, I love the way the author talks to you and how straightforward she is.

The Story:
This time I didn’t enjoy the story that much. It was quite sad most of the time, frustrating and I felt a bit pointless.
There was a lack of romance, usually towards the end we get a happily ever after but this time I felt it a bit forced. I didn’t like the romance. (view spoiler)

The Characters:
Fanny: I liked her though she sometimes was very frustrating. She was too shy and that didn’t allow her to say what she really thought and that was a pity. I believe she had a great personality, so good and cared for everyone even those who didn’t deserve it. It was sad to see her suffer for love but I liked that when she made a decision she stood by it and didn’t really let anyone change that.
Edmund: He was really good but I don’t think he had the ability to see people as they really are. That happened with Mary and Fanny, maybe his sisters too. He sometimes was too blind with what he thought they were to really see what they were.
Mary: I didn’t like her. I know we read from Fanny’s POV and she didn’t like her so her impressions were ours but she was selfish and materialistic. I believe she really liked Edmund but her pride and ambicion, her prejudices about Edmund’s career took her chance to be happy. As a friend of Fanny, I believe maybe she really thought Fanny was great but I believe that she used Fanny a bit as a way to get to Edmund too.
Henry: At the beginning I didn’t like him at all. I was really surprised when he really loved Fanny and how persistent he was about her. I thought he had really changed and I really believed he might end up with Fanny and towards the end that didn’t sound that bad. But then his pride and old peronality made him do that stupid thing. He realised what he did, what he lost, that’s what the author tells us and I really believe it. He was not a fool and he wasted his chance of happiness just as his sister.
Aunt Norris: I really hated her. I was happy with her ending because that is what she deserved.
Sir Thomas: I liked his change of personality. At the end he saw things as they were, he might have been abrupt but he really wanted everyone to be happy and cared for them on his own way.

I think that is all I have to say about this book. It was okay but sadly not a favourite.

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