I liked it, I enjoyed it though I didn’t fall in love with it. | Review: The Deal


33358854Stuck in a dream from which he cannot wake, Adrian Ward has to learn to live with the fact that he made a deal with the Devil. Sure, he did it with good intentions and saved his dying father. But his intentions mean very little on the face of killing an innocent girl. The Devil doesn’t ask; he simply takes. And Adrian can do nothing but give.

A year into the nightmare and the girl Adrian is supposed to kill gives him the strength he needs to send the Devil to…well, to hell. Unfortunately, he won’t go down without a fight.

Eae Morningstar has been on Earth for thousands of years doing the job that was appointed to him on the day his brother got kicked out of Heaven: release souls from the Devil’s possession. But Eae cannot do his job properly without a human to help him. Such a human, one strong enough to break out of a deal with the Devil all by himself, is very hard to find.

Now, after a century of searching for a human helper and failing miserably, Eae’s fate might finally smile upon him.

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*I received this book in exchange of a honest review*

3 estrellas y media

This is my third DN Hoxa book though this is a different series from the other one I have read.
I liked it, I enjoyed it though I didn’t fall in love with it.

The Writing:
I always find DN Hoxa’s writing to be easy to read, fast and easy to follow the storyline. I read the firs half of this book in one day, and I could have read it all.
This book has four POVs, but I didn’t find them confusing as the author stated at the beginning who was talking and the four characters are very different from each other so I could guess whose POV it was. There are two main POVs and the other ones appear just a couple of times.

The Story:
This story starts with three brothers (though we read from Adrian’s POV, the youngest) who have their father dying because of bone cancer. They want to save him at all costs. One night the three of them find themselves in the same dream and a man in a suit asks them to agree to be at his service for the next seven years in exchange of their father’s recovery. As you might imagine, they accept and even though Adrian is hesitant he accepts because it’s a dream, right? After they all say ‘Deal’ the man in suit is consumed by flames and when they wake up they find a tattoo on their backs, the same one on the same place. Then some people start showing up at their door asking them to so some bad things in exchange of money. They can’t say no, literally. They can’t say the word. This goes for a year when a man shows up asking them to kill his stepdaughter. Adrian asks to know this girl before they make her ‘disappear’. From that moment you have the rest of the story.
That was a rather large introduction but, anyway.
I liked the idea of the story. I liked the Devil making pacts and how they realise what is going on. Then I have to say most of the plot is about a romance story (a very sweet one that encourages to do what you are afraid of) and a war inside someone’s head, a war with himself, what is wrong, right and what he really wants.
Until the end there is no real action or anything else but then things start getting a bit crazier, angels, pacts, more deals and more mysterious characters.
There was this bit of cliche between the bad guy look and good girl thing. I like this but I also know it is a cliche (one I enjoy #noshame)
Honestly, I didn’t have any real problem with this but I might be a little disappointed. I think the middle of the book had so much romance and we didn’t see anything else. I liked the romance, don’t get me wrong, but I also enjoy a bit of action or supernatural stuff (in this case) somewhere. I feel like there was a good idea but it diverted itslef a lot into the romance. From the ending, I think this will change in the next book and we will see a lot more of action and supernatural creatures.

The Characters:
Adrian: There is no doubt he was a very strong character and even though he made a mistake he wants to make things right. I hated how he was treated by his brothers, but at least he found someone he could talk to, he could laugh with. He proved himself in this book but I believe he can be an amazing character and his strength not only body but also mind will be tested too. He can be a great kick-ass character.
Willow: I liked her and I was so happy she found the courage to do what she wanted. I think she was the character that had development through the book. From an oppressed girl that didn’t do what she wanted or followed what she needed to a girl who learned to live and enjoy moments again. The ending for her took me by surprise and I’m intrigued to see what will happen to her.
Eae: I don’t really have an opinion since we barely know him. I know what he does, not how, and we know nothing else. I think he might a more main role in next books.
Xara: I’m not really sure who trained her and became a part of her life but he is not good. The thing now is to see what she does. Will she have a change as Adrian or not? I think she can be an interesting character to explore, her personality and habilities.
Alan & Doc: Ugh, how I disliked them. I think they cared about Adrian and loved him too but it was so frustrating to see how they oppressed him. They didn’t let him explain or talk what really was on his mind. He was an adult but they still treated him as a child, asking him to respect them because they were older but Adrian was way more wiser.

Overall, this felt like an intrduction, and it is, to a bigger story. I liked the idea of the book though I felt it a bit too focused towards the middle in the romance. I want more supernatural things and I want to get to know some characters but I think all that will happen in book two.
Devil, Angels, deals and romance is what you can find in this book.


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