X Meets Y Challenge | Love-A-Thon 2017


Hello everyone!

Time for another challenge! I’ll leave you with the explanation we were given:

Mix and match away! This challenge is made for you to combine the books and movies/tv shows that you love in some way, in order for other people to find new recommendations for things to check out. Whether inspired by characters or themes, we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Okay, I’m excited for this, I have no idea what I’ll write but is better to start and see.

I’m not a big fan of movies, I like them and I watch one from time to time but right now I’m way more into TV shows. That is why I’m combining books (my X) and TV shows (my Y)


What do these two have in common? Dystopia, like if you like dystopia you should definitely watch 3%, without doubt. What does THG has in common with 3%? Part or the population lives very well (minority) while the other (majority) is poor and barely survive. There are many tests that the characters have to go through (though in 3% they are more intellectual than physical) while ‘fighting’ the other characters and trying to stand out.

I found this tv show randomly and even though I haven’t finished it yet I’m really enjoying it.


I haven’t read The Illustrated Man BUT I worked some things for my literature class and I couldn’t think of anything else than Blindspot. The Illustrated Man is about a man that has his body full of tattoos and each one tells a story. Blindspot is about a girl that suddenly appears in Times Square, naked and her body is covered in tattoos. There is one in her back that is the name of an FBI agent and once she is there each tattoo will lead to a crime. I find some similarities, am I the only one?


These two are at the same time similar and opposite. Why are they similar? Well, Claire travels back in time (without intending to) and has to adapt to where she is now that is very back in time and some kind of old. There she starts building a life for herself but there are still things from where she comes from. Continuum is about Kiera travelling back in time (without intending to) and has to adapt where she is now that, again, is back in time and ‘old’. She will, too, find friends and allies and starts building a new life while something ties her to her real time. Very similar, right? Well, they are different too. Claire travels from 1945 to 1743 and Kiera travels from 2077 to 2012. One is set in the past and the other in the future.

I found this tv show and through a year I watched it all, sometimes watching three or four ep per week and other times taking a break of one or two months. Anyway, I really enjoyed it and I’m sad it ended.


Time for one of my first and favourite series and a tv show I watched some time ago. They have in common this very small thing: alien guy came to Earth and fell in love with a very good girl from this very planet. They both have to fight for aliens and humans.

When I watched Star Crossed I really enjoyed it and was sad it ended.


First of all, what they have in common (again) is dystopia. Both of these are set after an ‘end of the world’ Now, Under The Never Sky has some ‘privileged’ population that lives apart from the rest that are trying to survive in very dangerous weather conditions. The 100 has some population that was sometime ‘privileged’ and live apart from the rest (of course because literally ones are in the sky and others on earth) and the rest of the world tries to survive in dangerous situations. We could add that they both have very strong female characters as MCs.

I watched The 100 from the beginning and even though I believe it has diverted from its original plot and sometimes it might frustrate me, I still watch it and like it (but yes, sometimes I want to hit something too)


These two don’t have many things in common but what they have are strong, independent female MCs, with very edgy sense of humour HOWEVER Wynonna is way more edgy that Faythe. I also thought of Charley Davidson and Kate Daniels and both of these characters have some things that I can find in Wynonna too. Anyway, this is the weakest ‘resamble’ but I wanted to include Wynonna because I love this tv show and I hope more people watch it.


Wow, those were more X meets Y than I expected. I might get a cookie for myself and all.

I really hope you found some books/tv shows you didn’t know about and you might be interested/give an opportunity.

Any X meets Y you would suggest?

If you have done this, leave a link and I will check it out!



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