Wrap Up | Love-A-Thon 2017


Hello everyone!

This weekend Love-A-Thon happened and I’m so happy I participated this year too and I hope I can participate next year!

What Happened

I’m so happy I could participate in many of the challenges. I had an amazing time thinking and writing all of these posts. Let’s not talk about reading posts from the other participants! It was great!

List of posts:

Then, we also had the twitter chats! I’m really happy to say I could participate in three of the four that happened. I love twitter chats but I don’t know why these are the only ones I participate in the year. I had so much fun talking with people I didn’t know about bookish and non-bookish things. It surprised me to find many people with things in common!

Twitter Chats Highlights

I wanted to share with you some of the questions and some of my answers that were important to me:



As I said, I loved the twitter chats! These are my faves! Then if I had to choose one challenge I loved (out of the ones I did) I would say Sweethearts Candy Messages because I loved reading other people’s posts but I also loved how in X meets Y or Let Me Sing You A Love Song I could mention other things I love as music or tv shows.

I’m sad this year there was no bingo but maybe next year we will have one?

Overall View

As I have said many times in this post I had an amazing time, full of talking, fangirling and nice things. People are amazing in this even, always and it’s such a great thing. The goal of this event is to spread love and positivity and I think each year is even better. This memo should be for all year and we should all enjoy our time in this community.

I know I will be there next year.


Thank you all who read and commented/liked any of my posts but most of all I really hope you liked reading them, that you enjoyed them.



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