February Wrap Up


Hello everyone!

I’M SO SAD FEBRUARY IS ENDING! Why? Because it’s my last month of Holidays and I’ll be starting uni (crazy to say it, no more high school) in the first days of March. So, yep, I’m crying (and being overdramatic? Of course)

Anyway! We are here to see how February was for me (because I have no idea until I keep writing this) in books and blogging (maybe bookstagramming too)



The Marriage Merger: 4/5 stars. I finished this serie and I was kind of sad. This was a very fun, sweet and sexy series about an italian family, billionaires and successful people in general. I think this were quick and easy reads to relax and have fun.

Archer’s Voice: 4.5/5 stars. Finally found the courage to read it and I loved it! I loved the characters, their development and their romance. It was such a beautiful book, I’m glad I finally read it!

Filthy Beautiful Forever: 3.5/5 stars. Other series I finished this month. I liked it but not as much as the previous ones and from some reviews I read I saw many people thought the same. I would recommend reading this series closely, not many months apart. Even though each book has different MCs I think it would be a better experience to read them ‘together’

Digging in the Stars: 4/5 stars. I don’t think I have posted this review yet, but I’ll post it soon. What I enjoyed about this book: a) archeology, that’s not something I often read b) the romance was not a ‘main’ thing c) it reminded me of those adventure books I used to read when I was younger (and loved!) I read this as a part of an Instagram read-along.

Nash: 4/5 stars Continuing the Marked Men series, I plan to read the 5th book in the middle of the year and the last one at the end of the year. I enjoyed it though it’s not my favourite one. I think there were some moments very frustrating but I liked it. The romance in this series is great and the friendship! I love that group of friends!


Loving Eva: 3.8/5 stars. You can read my full review here. I had reviewed the first book and the author sent me the sequel. I enjoy this books, they are sweet and have some mystery. It’s not something you have never read before but I think it’s good for an afternoon when you want something easy to read, with romance, and add that thing of mystery.

Beautiful Burn: 4/5 stars. I enjoyed this one but it was not my favourite. This dealt with a lot of trouble between the couple and addictions. It was difficult to read how this affected everyone around her and herself. Something I really enjoyed in this book were the photography and firefighters 😉

Us: 4.3/5 stars. YAAAS! I READ THIS! I was so scared to read it because of the synopsis but I loved this soo much. This time they had to deal with real life and issues that didn’t come from them. With this I mean that the first book was all about them, discovering each other and what they wanted to be. This one was once all that was settled, what happened in and with the world. I loved these characters sooo much, the story, the romance, the relationship, steamy moments and cozy moments. Everything. Cristina from My Tiny Obsessions had to deal with my fangirling self after reading it 😂 Highly recommended and I can’t wait to read more of these authors’ books!

The Bane Chronicles: 4/5 stars. I read this and finally I’m ready to read Lady Midnight. I liked it but I think I enjoyed more the Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy, maybe because the squad was more present. I prefer Magnus to Simon (even though I like Simon a bit more now) but I feel like I enjoyed more Simon’s stories.


Deep Redemption: 4.5/5 stars. Other I finally found the courage to read. I knew it would be different and maybe difficult so I put it off for a while but I’m happy I finally read it. Now I’m up-to-date with this series. I know it’s not for everyone but I like it (and I’m very proud of the review I wrote for it!)

The Deal: 3.5/5 stars. This was  a book I was sent for review, you can see it here. This wasn’t a fave from this author. I liked it but something was missing, the idea is great I just want more development.

Avalon Dreams: 3.5/5 stars. I’m going to write the review for this book as soon as I finish this post. I think the best thing about this book was the parallelism between present day and Arthur/Excalibur’s day. It was so great to see the story in that time and continuing in the present. I liked the magic in it too but I felt it was too long and sometimes dragged.

The Name of The Wind: 5/5 stars. I started this book on February 1st and finished it February 28th, yes, it took me the whole month but because I wanted so. I enjoyed this book so much. Other I’m going to write my review for as soon as I finish this post.

So! That is it for this month. It wasn’t my best but I’m happy with what I read and I have to start thinking that maybe in a few months, reading 13 books in a month will be something almost impossible (you hear that? yes, it’s me crying)

My favourites of the month were The Name of the Wind (5/5 stars), Deep Redemption and Archer’s Voice (4.5/5 stars) and I can’t leave it without a honorable mention to Us (4.3/5 stars)

Other thing! I have been updating one of the first book posts of the year called ‘Books I NEED to read in 2017! (And this time actually read them)‘ I have been slowly making progress and I’m so happy about that!

Let’s change topics!


This month the most important thing that happened is that I participated in Love-A-Thon and I had such an amazing time! It happens just once a year, always in February and I think it’s a great experience and if you are interested you should definitely try it next year!



What I did good in this month: One of my goals for this year is start blogging equally in English and Spanish. I think in the reviews I did accomplish that so I’m happy about it.

What wasn’t so good: Following what I previously said, I don’t think I accomplished that in my ‘other’ posts. Out of four just one is in Spanish, so I think I need to try and change that next month.



This is a kind-of overview look through the month. Some photos are missing but you can check them here (😉)

Honestly, I’m so happy with my IG right now, and very proud of it too. It feels like a huge change, for the better, and I’m so so happy. I feel motivated and that the content really belongs to me.

What is coming: I would really like to post more pictures like the one featuring (partly) my legs or the first one I’m with a book. I really like those kind of pictures but sometimes I’m lazy. Other thing new, that I haven’t said in IG yet but I plan to, is that I’ll be using new props because long story short: Mom comes into the house and says, ‘you have been using that typewriter a lot. Did you know we have ther?’ and I was like ‘WHAT? No, I didn’t. WHERE IS IT?’ And I found it! I really like it too so I plan taking photos with both of them and I also found vinyls (that hopefully you will see featured soon) and my mom said she would help me to take the record player down so I can photograph it. I’M SO HAPPY PEOPLE! Veda from Crown Print over instagram told me I had a vintage kind of theme and now I’m going for it! I might change a few things but I want to experiment with everything!


That is all! Let me know how was your month or leave me the link to your post!



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  1. That’s so amazing that you blog into languages! I wish I could have that resolve, haha. And I can’t believe this but I also have not read Lady Midnight. I used to be a diehard Clare fan and read her books upon release; I’m not sure why I haven’t picked up her latest tome yet but that needs to be remedied. As for bookstagram, I know what you mean! Themes are so hard to get right. >.< But I'm happy that you think you've found what makes yours unique. 🙂


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  2. It looks like you had a great reading month! You definitely read way more books than I have in a while and you enjoyed most of them quite a bit! I’ve been meaning to read The Bane Chronicles (and Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy) before diving into Lady Midnight, too. I’ve read the first novella from each of them, but haven’t had the chance to get into the rest yet. I hope uni is going well for you!

    -Jordan @ The Heart of a Book Blogger

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