Update before being back!


Hello everyone!

I survived, not really sure just finished my first week of uni. It’s so crazy to say this. I can’t believe it. But I wanted to share some things I learned in the first week:

a) free time is almost non-existent. Not only for uni, I also go to dance casses 4 times a week and go to English classes. And you have to add the work I need to get done for uni. What I learned is that I won’t have much free time through the week and if I do I want to read a bit or watch some tv shows.

b) similar to the last one, time management is very important. Because of this I’m planning to do some small changes in my routine.

c) computer on won’t happen everyday. There were some days I didn’t want to turn on my computer because I got home so late I just wanted to eat and sleep.

I think those are the things I learned that might change something in this blog, of course I have learned other things but that might be for another post? I don’t share a lot of that kind of posts and I’m not sure you would be interested.

All the things written before, the things I learned, led me to have some ideas and think some strategies because I need them:

  1. Number of posts per week will be two, at least until I find my way and learn to manage my time better.
  2. As I want to keep blogging in both languages, one post will be in spanish and other in english.
  3. But wouldn’t it be unfair if I just posted reviews in english or spanish and the other post always in the same language? I think I wouldn’t feel satisfied with my way of blogging. So, one week the review will be in English and the next one in Spanish, and the other post will be in the other language (hope this makes sense and if not, I’m sorry)
  4. The other post might change each week. I would like to do tags, talk someday about my bujo or tv shows or some discussions (I have been wanting to write some but I’m lazy) or who knows what!
  5. I’ll write my posts on the weekend and will try to check other’s posts and anything that has been going on through the week, I have no idea if this will happen in one day, or two or whenever I can.

Other things I realized:

  • This will be the first time in one year and a half that my blog will have one review per week. It’s weird for me.
  • I hope you keep being interested in my posts and whatever might be coming. I don’t want to disappear again and I need to get everything together and start being a little bit more organized/productive
  • To save time I might create a banner for reviews and a thumbnail so I just have to create the one for the other post. Do you have one of these? Any recs?
  • I need to update some lists and I don’t know when this will happen…

This is all for this week that is ending but let’s hope we talk to each other in the one that is coming!

Thank you for reading!



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