Wow. How did you do this blogging thing?

It´s kind of funny to be here again, and oh so weird. Three years is quite a long time if you ask me, but, it seems to have flown by without me noticing it. If you check my latest posts you will see one where I mention I finished my first week of uni. Let me update you: I started, in March, my last year of uni.





Sorry for the capital letters, but it kind of blows my mind.

I had been thinking for a few months now about coming back. I was hesitant. I didn´t want to leave it one day and never come back (as I did) but I guess you never know what will happen. I miss sharing book related things and series I love. I miss it so much.

Inevitably, the Coronavirus here had a role too. Although I keep doing a lot of uni stuff and other things, oh and trying to keep life together, I thought isolating was the perfect opportunity to do something I love and trying to keep it throughout time.

It has been a while since I wrote in English, so I´m a bit insecure about it. Hopefully soon I´ll be back confidently. I would also like to write in Spanish, so that disjunctive is still very much alive.

The good thing about being gone for a while is that I have no idea what people are posting, so I´ll post mostly whatever I want without the pressure of doing this or that thing, you know?

I would like to give the blog a fresh air, that feels more like 2020 me and not 2017 me. I haven´t been thinking about how I plan to do that, but I hope to work it out as time passes.

If you are here, reading this, well, first of all: thank you very much. Secondly, I would be very very happy if you considered coming back.

That is all for now,




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