But, do I miss bookstagram?

Hello everyone!

I have been putting this post off for some time now, not sure why maybe I’m just too lazy but we are changing that today!

I have recently done a post talking all about my experience with booktube and how I approach it now. Since then I have been wanting to talk about bookstagram, and I guess now is a good time as ever.

My bookish journey started in or with bookstagram. It was, I think, somewhere between seven or eight years ago. I don’t even remeber how I found it. I know that I wasn’t into instagram on a personal level (like a personal acc) but I was reading much more than I had before and I wanted to share my thoughts. I also really enjoyed taking pics of my books.

Then, as time passed and I got into the community, I started to find amazing accs because I’m sure we are all aware but there are incredible creative people in the bookstagram community.

So, I started this kind of viciously habit of comparison. Comparing my photos to other’s led me to think I wasn’t creative enough, didn’t have the right set of skills both on photography and editing, and so on. Just negative thoughts that shouldn’t have had so much place in my mind, but truth is they had.

I slowly started to enjoy less and less the whole process of bookstagramming. Something that was fun and brought me so much joy was suddenly a chore in which my mind was my own worst critic. I didn’t know what to write in the captions either, and I thought that was a sign that I just didn’t enjoy sharing my photos as much as I once had.

Doubted to share this pic I took months ago because I do not support what has been said by JK Rowling. I really like how this turned out but I’m still unsure if I should be sharing it. Just wanted to clarify this here.

Then, I started posting less until one day I stopped it at all. I must say that there were some “breaks” in between where I left without notice and one day I would come back for a few weeks and then the cicle began all over again. By the time I stopped for good was when I was starting uni and I also stopped posting here.

So I went on for about three years where my reading fluctuated and I just didn’t share anything book related to the internet.

Now I have begun posting again and I have found that I want to take photos of my books again. The whole thing: doing flatlays, appearing in my photos and everything. I just want the fun I had when doing that again.

BUT, do I miss bookstagram?

The first answer that came to my mind is: yes. However, do I miss feeling this self-pressure to post x times a week? Nope. Do I miss comparing myself? Of course not. Do I miss writing captions? Not really. Do I miss taking bookish photos? YES.

So, I don’t really miss bookstagram. I miss the process behind it. The best solution I have come up with is combining blogging and my joy for bookish photography. You might have noticed in previous posts that I have added some photos and I have had so much fun with that. I feel like this is the combo that works for me and I feel less self-pressure.

When I talk about pressure and comparison let me be clear: I have worked on it and now I think I view things differently than I did when I was 16 for example. However, I also feel like it is such an easy trap to fall into. So, this “downside” is absolutely personal that I’m very aware of and actively try to change my mindset.

With that being said, I don’t really miss bookstagram and I don’t see myself in the near future coming back.

I will definitely keep sharing my photos here and just try to enjoy and have as much fun as I can with it 💜

This was a very rambly post that I just wanted to share and put out there. If you read the whole thing – thank you so much and I hope you enjoyed it.

I would love to know your thoughts if you are willing to share them!



4 respuestas a “But, do I miss bookstagram?

  1. I can relate to a lot of what you said! I kind of restarted my bookstagram last year and I am again struggling a bit with pressure of posting, reading and comparing myself to other accs but I’m also trying to find a balance/my way to do it because I do love it and when I stopped, I missed it so much!

    Also, I love seeing people post their own photos on blogs but I just don’t see it that much even when they do have bookstagrams…

    Me gusta

    1. So happy you could relate. I really really hope you find that balance or your own way to do it because it’s so much fun and absolutely enjoyable!
      I know, I think sometimes it feels like a lot of work. I believe the trick there is if you enjoy it or not. I feel like adding our own photos makes the post more personal, closer to the blogger. But that’s just my way of thinking about it.
      Your bookstagram looks amazing btw!

      Le gusta a 1 persona


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