Review Policy

review policy

I’m sad to say that I won’t be able to accept review requests for sometime (and when I do I’ll update this as soon as possible) Thank you so much for considering me for any review! It means a lot to me.

Hello there!

I love doing reviews and receiving books. If you want to send me a book I’ll happily accept it.

Formats I accept:

  • Physical Books. Be careful because I live in Uruguay and you may have to pay international shipping to send it to me. Anyways if you send it,it’ll prioritize it in my TBR pile.
  • E-Books: Kindle and files (please if you can,I prefer PDF format)

I’ll do a review in my Goodreads account,here in my blog,feature it in my Instagram account and publish my review in Amazon (This might change but I always do a review in my Goodreads and here -Amazon and Instagram you can ask me to make sure-)

I accept books in English and Spanish and I can do reviews in one or both lenguages. 

After all this if you want to contact me you can do it through: or my twitter @PerfectInBooks

When you email me it’d be great if you could add:

  • Book title and synopsis
  • Book cover
  • Link to Goodreads
  • Details like how many pages,name of the main characters,language,publisher,etc.

(These last 2 items aren’t essential but I prefer if you send them. In the last item,you can add some of these details,all or more)

I not promise to review all books and I always email back if my answer is yes and if my answer is no.

Thank You! Aldii

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