The RIP It or Ship It Tag!


Helo everyone!

I was tagged by Luucy from Making Days Better to do this tag, thank you so much!

I decided to do this tag a bit different. I have said that I enjoyed doing book videos and I wanted to do them again. This, I thought, was a great opportunity.

I hope you enjoy this video!


I don’t know who has done this and who hasn’t but if you want to do this, I’m tagging you!

Please let me know your opinion in this video and mix of video+blogging! It’s very important for me!


7 respuestas a “The RIP It or Ship It Tag!

  1. Gosh! I love your glasses and make up and hair and YOU ARE SO PRETTY! I think the video style worked really well, if you do that every once in a while it will spice things up, that’s awesome! Also, the sound and light was really good. Whenever I try to do a video, the image is all grainy and you can barely hear me …

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    1. Aww thank you! ♥ My plan is as you say to do this once i n a while to chnage a bit and with tags that might be fun to see. Thank you! It’s really hard to get good light and sound but I’m working on it!
      Thank you for your comment! ♥

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